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Hi Mark, great content, thanks for laying it out like that. I have been working with SharePoint since it was Tahoe Server way back when, it has been quite an evolution.

I know SharePoint has been transitioning more to a platform than being the UI for user generated content, but the biggest hole I see here is the lack of development around user generated web content. With the deprecation of wikis, the suggested replacement of OneNote in the SharePoint/Teams arena is not acceptable to far too many. Both my last company and current company struggle with where to place this content. Do they force it into OneNote with its many issues, or try to make it work with the Wiki, which was not as user friendly as many other solutions? Despite fighting to get users into SharePoint for this content, it has lost out to Confluence in my current company with no user desire to go back...

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Phenomenal Update. For the past six years, I have watched employees foist applications into company workflows bc it’s cool new app.

Everyone in finance will be scrambling to figure out the new Sharepoint framework.

I work with a lot of financial services company and it cracks me up when I see Slack as their chat. I always get the same answer when I ask about not using Teams, “don’t know we just started using slack.”

Don’t even get me started on Zoom.

Executives will talk about operational efficiency but most of them have unbearable workflows. Excel is a mission critical app for these firms so it will be fun to watch the scramble to Sharepoint.

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Another great peace Mark. Although I’ve been aware of Sharepoint for a long time. Not being in an I.T. based role I have never had the chance to explore and utilise it. Now I’m in a role where change and transformation has to be a clear goal to improving so many aspects of our business. Sharepoint and all other M365 apps become part of that change in a big way. At least as I see it!

Having spent the past 8 months heavily feeding/digesting as much Microsoft 365 content as possible. The battle to wins hearts and minds is my biggest challenge overall. One I know I can drive home to a positive outcome while upsetting some apple carts along the way. Over these 8 months what has surprised me the most is that no one else. Not even our I.T. team (decent size) has explored or understood what’s under our nose. Already part of our licensing where they could have helped us become more engaged, collaborative and to help us do more with less.

I’m excited for the developments and continue to read up with a keen interest. While exploring. Learning by playing annd following great people like yourself. Creating visions of how changes can bring not just innovation but a revolution to a business even ours.

I coined my own expression many years ago as a hobbyist photographer. “Those who explore, discover and capture!” If you have the will you will find what you’re after. The past 8 months or so I’ve certainly been doing that.

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