Pre-Ignite 2021 (Spring)

A guide of guides for Viva, Mechanics, Teams, and more at Microsoft's main tech event next week (Mar.2-4.2021)

Hello Peer,

Microsoft Ignite 2021 [Spring] is a huge, digital event. It’s got something for everyone - IT, dev and business people alike. It all kicks off with a 75-min keynote with Satya Nadella and friends (Mar.2.2021 at 8:30am PDT) - with a cool Altspace VR experience option if you’re game. From there, the news keeps flowing - announcements, best practices, and networking, networking, networking with people from inside and outside Redmond HQ.

This article is a leap into several product-specific info & guides - multiple maps to the good stuff.

Ignite is next week | Mar.2-4.2021

Register today and dig into all that’s happening across the Connection Zone, the Learning Zone, the Session Catalog and a chance to win prizes with the Cloud Skills Challenge.

At any time, jump directly into the Microsoft Ignite site: (register, and start building your schedule) + follow and join all the action on Twitter: @MS_Ignite & #MSIgnite.

Learn more about Microsoft Viva

Lots of Viva goodness dropped earlier this month, and the next level of depth is just around the corner. For those of you that follow the goings on of OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer and Stream - this is the new brand to check out. It’s an evolution of all the core foundational technology you know (and love), with a ton of new value to “empower people and teams to be their best, from anywhere.”

Click into the full “Guide to Microsoft Ignite – Employee Experience Edition” to learn about the hybrid workplace keynote with Jared Spataro (CVP | Marketing), the main overview session with Chuck Friedman (CVP | Engineering), Ask the Experts and on-demand sessions with program management leads, plus product roundtables at the Connection Zone for 1:1 and 1:few Q&A.

Vive la Viva at Ignite!

Microsoft Mechanics

The Mechanics team (led by my colleague, Jeremy Chapman) has a bunch of new videos waiting to roll out to the world soon - real soon. If you’re a Mechanics fan, you already know how polished and packed these videos can be. If you’re not yet a Mechanics junkie, it’s highly recommended and addictive in the best of ways.

The one new video I’ll call to attention is with Omar Shahine, VP of OneDrive and SharePoint engineering. In short, it’s: Omar + Mechanics + Ignite = news and demos on #MSFTViva, #MSTeams, #SharePoint, #MicrosoftLists, #MSStream, #OneDrive, and #Search. It's. Gonna. Be. Packed!

Here’s a link to all Microsoft Mechanics sessions planned for Ignite.

I’m also working on a new Ignite blog post to highlight all the Microsoft Lists news that Omar covers and more, plus a new education customer story; I’ll update this article once it’s live and out there on the Microsoft 365 tech community blog.

Visit the Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel to review all.

Dive into all things Microsoft Teams

At this Ignite, the Teams team is focusing on external collaboration, meetings, and events. Lot of exposure and disclosure of product capabilities with many ways to connect with the team via featured sessions, Ask the Experts, and additional resources.

Check out the guide to Microsoft Teams @ Spring Ignite 2021 - including a cool, helpful digital brochure of sessions.

Two additional guides of interest, just a hair outside my wheelhouse

Final thoughts

Today and this weekend are the calm before the storm (for most). I hope the above helps batten down your technical hatches in prep for a busy, engaging week of news, training and engagement with fellow techies. I can hear the winds of change management a’comin’!

Cheerios, Mark

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